Clubs and Societies Days: A developing path to inclusivity

Juliette Jabra

University was in full swing again with the return of the annual Clubs Day and Societies Day that took place on September 12 and 13 respectively.

Representatives of the clubs and societies positioned their corresponding tables, chairs, and signs in the space facing West Hall, with the aims of recruiting new members and promoting their achievements.

According to Hiba Hamade, coordinator of student activities, a total of 61 clubs and 24 societies took part in the two-day event, in addition to three department campaigns, which were Title IX, OIP, and Tobacco Free 2018.

The students running the stands were mostly enthusiastic, offering information to curious passersby. Many clubs also decided to attract students with free pens, donuts, stickers, and even pizza, among other commodities.

The initiative gave both new and returning students the chance to explore their interests, but it also acted as the portal through which students could find likeminded individuals and join groups they identified with.

“We are proud of our student clubs and activism. Some 3,500 students enrol in clubs and societies alone which is a percentage that is second to none worldwide,” says Talal Nizameddin, Ph.D.

The clubs and societies that were present catered to a wide range of hobbies, pastimes, and skills. It is a known fact that clubs at AUB allow the enforcement of personal and professional skills, which is why the initiative holds so strongly among students.

“It is the experience in clubs, through cabinets, project management, and personal skills that makes students so highly sought after worldwide. It is incredible to witness in the Middle East,” Nizameddin continues.

Several forms of dance and music, political, artistic, public speaking, sports, gender, sexuality, and cultural clubs were present. Societies representing majors from different faculties also maintained their presence at the event.

Students will be able to register for clubs and societies via AUBsis in the coming days.

In a joint effort, clubs, students, staff, faculty, and the Dean of Student Affairs observed a minute of silence in honour of the soldiers captured and killed in Arsal.

“This event is an oasis of hope in the region and AUB. Students set the mark for the Arab world,” Nizameddin concludes.

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