Swiss Butter: Worth the hype?

Lynn Cheikh Moussa
Associate Editor

No food scene can seemingly beat that of Lebanon. From Mexican to Thai, we have it all. Every now and then we get ourselves a new gem that seems to drive the foodies crazy, and this time it is a small shop in the Gemmayze district that goes by the name of Swiss Butter.

Swiss Butter first opened its doors sometime around July, and ever since, the tables of the restaurant have not been clear of customers. Indeed, Swiss Butter has brought itself on to the food scene, and with it came a renowned presence.

This new and modest restaurant lies in the heart of Gemmayze, near Tabliyet Massaad. Inside, welcoming waiters beckon you into the casual interior for a meal. All seems to go well until you feel rather rushed into finishing your meal as they struggle to fill up tables with the many customers they receive, as they do not take reservations.

The restaurant offers a simple menu of three items only, but what makes Swiss Butter so unique is the sauce base. The chef has spent 10 years experimenting until he finally created the perfect blend of spices to offer to his customers.

The platter comes with a choice of chicken, meat, or salmon doused in sauce, and it is completed with a small side salad and a portion of fries which can be switched for baked potato.

The overall size of the portion is rather large and fulfilling, yet the meat portions can differ depending on your choice. While the salmon is rather reasonable, the meat portion is considerably smaller. Luckily, this can be compensated through ordering one of their mouth-watering desserts although that might not be too pleasing for your pockets!

The question now remains: is it living up to all the hype it is receiving? Sadly, the concept of having one item on the menu is not new: we’ve seen it with Smoking Bun, so the strength of this restaurant is rather limited to its food.

The food is well-spiced and satisfactory in taste, yet the sauce does not seem to bring anything new to the table. Despite 10 years of work, the sauce tastes awfully familiar to steak sauces found in other restaurants.

While this place seemingly offers an option for everyone, it is sadly no home to vegetarians or vegans. The plus, despite this, is that for a mere 22,000 L.L., minus drinks and dessert, you can enjoy a pleasing and relatively inexpensive meal.

Swiss Butter might have received quite a lot of hype on social media, yet it does not live up to all of it. It offers an enjoyable experience admittedly but nothing the food scene has not seen before, to the dismay of many. If you are looking for a good meal, indeed consider this an option; otherwise, Swiss Butter sadly blends in with many other restaurants.

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