Meet the club: Visual Arts Club

Rola Itani
Contributing Writer

Some people sketch late at night, others photograph beautiful scenery, or animate videos. But not everyone has the chance to explore or develop a talent or to register in an art course.

Luckily, a group of AUB students launched the Visual Arts Club, the first of its kind in AUB.

The club took off after a Facebook post from November 2016 on “AUB Courses/Teachers GURU”, a private group comprised of more than 17,000 AUB students and faculty members, proposed the idea of starting an arts club. The post caught the attention of many students and quickly gained a lot of support.

Credits: Visual Arts Club – AUB Facebook page; Profile Pictures.

The club displayed a stand during this year’s Club’s Day and received more than 68 sign-ups. The cabinet members highlighted that everyone is welcome to participate in the upcoming events, as the club is open to students from all majors.

Despite the fact that the word “art” is associated with conventional art forms such as drawing and painting, CCE student Hani Ghoulam, president of the club, expressed that there is much more to the field.

“The club is meant for everyone, as visual arts are beyond just painting and include aspects such as photography, 3D animations, video editing, and many other topics. Everyone can find their passion in the club,” said Ghoulam.

The club aims to give people a jump start in the type of art they are interested in. It will offer beginner level workshops for the participants to immerse themselves in the process and to provide them with a base to potentially develop a professional career in the future.

“No one is a professional in every [form of] art, there’s always going to be something interesting to learn,” he continued.

The events will all be held in a stress-free environment and are meant to serve as a break for students from exams and assignments. Some sessions will even provide insight on art therapy.

The club will try to accommodate for all the different aspects of this field including, but not limited to, video editing, fashion sketching, and calligraphy.

Events planned for the semester include art workshops, art nights, and movie screenings in addition to collaborations with other clubs and AUB faculty members.

Currently the only arts club on campus, the initiative will give the student body a lot to look forward to.

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