Storytelling Min Kan Yamakan Mish Fee Qadeem El Zaman

Ayeesha Starkey

On Thursday, September 28, the FAS Career Services collaborated with Cliffhangers, a community of storytellers, to host a storytelling night on the Charles Hostler rooftop. The concept behind the event is getting this community of storytellers to share stories with an audience in an encouraging and safe environment.  

The theme for storytelling night revolved around the stories of four FAS speakers and their important career decisions. The storytellers tackled the topic of how they ended up on the lineup for Cliffhangers, true to the theme “how did we get here?”, followed by an open mic session where the audience shared their very own stories.

Dima Matta, the founder of Cliffhangers, hosted the event and introduced the first two speakers, Hiba Sleiman Al Hamad, a graduate in psychology, and Rewa Zeinati, the founder of Sukoon magazine. Matta was also one of the four storytellers in the event.

Both Sleiman Al Hamad and Zeinati delivered poetry that drove excitement amongst members of the audience. The night was also filled with embarrassing stories, such as that of Zeinab Kassem, an exhausted but nevertheless hilarious medical student at AUB.

Credits: AUB FAS website.

Afterwards an open mic/discussion was moderated by Sinine Nakhle, head of the FAS Career Services.

Cliffhangers acts as an ode to the old Lebanese tradition of how siblings and cousins would be huddled around their grandparents as they spoke about stories.

“Although I love my grandparents, their stories perpetuate outdated views that simply do not apply to our time and have only sentimental value at this point,” says Jad Charif, an AUB student.

The community aims to revitalize the need to reinstate the oral tradition of telling stories that are more relatable, prominent and encouraged not only in Lebanese culture, but in other cultures as well.

The storytelling nights seem to be gaining popularity amongst the Lebanese youth, as the number of attendees increase from session to session. An audience that is excited and awaits the narratives of new characters is sure to appear in the next installation of this successful saga.

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