To the student body: We are here, and we are grateful

Juliette Jabra

A myriad of events have taken place in the past 10 days in relation to Outlook and the administration.

I choose not to delve into great detail regarding the happenings and resistances faced, but instead wish to dedicate this editorial to clarifying the current situation and explaining our steps to move forward and move on.

Outlook missed publication last week for the first time in decades. Our fourth issue was unable to be printed for reasons already publically stated by both Outlook and the administration, in addition to matters at the university last week that fuelled worry and controversy.

I firmly believe that Outlook and all its members have a responsibility to the student body to remain transparent and candid at all times. While I admit that we have perhaps failed to do that at certain moments, our public statements aimed to simply clarify and explain.

We strive to always remain a reliable, consistent source of information and news, and owe it to the student body to do just that. It is what we are here to do and I apologise if matters have seemed otherwise recently.

I can assure anybody reading this that our aim was not to provoke or antagonize, only to be blunt and frank.

Thus, here we are once again.

We have resumed publication, have opened effective channels of communication with the administration, have negotiated and discussed several matters, and have maintained our essence and identity throughout.

Despite minor changes and additions, which include a responsible director and faculty advisor, we are adamant that we will remain the independent student newspaper that is built to voice the concerns of each and every student at this university.

I am looking forward to moving past this and publishing content once again, because as student journalists we strive to write not simply to you, but for you.

I hope you can understand the situation and I know that you will continue to support us, as we will you. We are so grateful for the immense support we received from the most unexpected of places. Thank you a million times.

Enjoy this issue, we will see you next week, and the week after that, too.

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