Suggestions of the week: September Blues

Danielle A. Krikorian
Staff Writer

As September ends, and with it the end of summer months, a little nostalgia is in order. Enjoy your last ice cream and trips to the beach with these September Blues suggestions that celebrate the month.

Song of the Week

“September Song” by JP Cooper, ironically released in November 2016, represents the end of summer. The lyrics are reminiscent of young love, adolescence, and breakups. The end of love is compared to the end of summer.

Woody Allen’s September (1987) movie poster. Credits: IMDb.

Movie of the Week

“September” (1987), directed by Woody Allen, is an indie/drama film, that revolves around the psychological hardships of a woman named Lane.

It chronicles her life after a suicide attempt, as she moves into her summer house in Vermont. Family drama, love triangles, and melancholy accompany Lane’s narrative.

True to its title,  “September” stands as a metaphor for both new beginnings and ends, and is modeled after one of Anton Chekhov’s plays, “Uncle Vanya”.

Painting of the Week

“September” (approx. 1915) by Edmund Blair Leighton is an oil-on-panel painting that depicts two women picking fruit in a rural garden.

The painting represents the mundane rural setting of the regency epoch; with cloths hanging, a brick house, and baskets lying around the garden. The cloudy weather in contrast with the vivid and lush greenery of the trees and vegetables portrays the weather of September.


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