Annual “Fit-A-Thon” receives over 100 participants

Jinan Moumneh
Contributing Writer

The annual “Fit-A-Thon” was held by students of the Nutrition Coordinated Program (CP), in collaboration with AUB Health and Wellness Center, and the Global Health Institute (GHI), on Friday, October 6th, at West Hall.

Each year, CP students unleash their creativity and energy to make this event a success – one that is enjoyed by the larger AUB community. As a course requirement, the “Fit-A-Thon” is carefully planned, organized and implemented in the Fall semester of the students’ senior year. This year, they successfully received over 100 participants.

In utilizing the nature surrounding West Hall, this year the students chose a jungle theme. The nutritional campaign of the event tackled “Obesity Prevention.”

Fit-A-Thon stands. Credits: Dina Salem, News Editor.

The “Fit-A-Thon” involved four different booths that the participants could pass by. Starting at the registration desk, participants walk through each booth that represent parts of the jungle, and could then enter a draw at the last booth.

The booths included “Wild Discovery” for physical assessment and measurements, “Jungle Gym” for physical activity, “Label Scavenger” for nutrition label awareness, and “Healthy Hunting” for all things you should know about diets and mindful eating. Overall, the booths’ activities promoted exercise, as well as healthy habits one should adopt. The physical assessment included a BMI test, with a brief explanation of relevant values.

“The Fit-A-Thon was a very informative activity, especially the BMI test and that it was offered for free,” said Faten Kanaan, a senior Business Administration student.

“It informed me a lot about what I need to tackle in my diet, and whether I actually need to lose more weight, or work on exercising more.”

Fit-A-Thon stands. Credits: Dina Salem, News Editor.

In addition to the informative booths, the team took on the planning of a rally paper. Their rally paper, that started at 9:30 AM, began at AUB’s Green Field and had the students take on challenges and follow hints from lower campus all the way to upper campus.

Upon reaching the final destination at West Hall, the teams of four awaited the announcement of the winners.

Several efforts went into planning the event and rally paper smoothly. The team contacted several sponsors to financially cover the draw’s gifts. They also received a generous gift from the Global Health Institute (GHI) for the second place winners of the rally paper.

Lea Sinno, one of the CP students who organized the event, said, “I was thrilled to see that our efforts and hard work paid off. Seeing the smiles of the people leaving [the stands] kept us going throughout the day and pushed us to give our best.”

After taking over West Hall, the CP class of 2018 left their mark on the AUB community, through raising awareness on essential information concerning health and nutrition.

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