On elections: How Outlook aims to help you decide

Juliette Jabra

The time has approached once again when elections dominate almost every conversation I have with friends, acquaintances, and additionally this year, strangers.

It is sometimes a strange phenomenon to hold a “leadership” role in Outlook, as students – both candidates and non-candidates alike – expect me to be able to predict results and provide them with “insider” information.

I cannot express how many times people have directly assumed I have an affiliation to a certain club or coalition, which I must explicitly clarify I do not, although I wish I didn’t have to.

More often than not, it is presumed that the Editor-in-Chief’s position on certain matters is interchangeable with Outlook’s stance on these same matters, forgetting that the newspaper is a separate entity comprised of a diverse team.

We promise to be objective and transparent to our fellow students and Outlook readers, regardless of any team member’s personal beliefs. It would be ignorant to assume that we, as members of Outlook, do not hold our own views and opinions, but they would never interfere with our coverage, which always aims to be fair and balanced.

Our main duty as the independent student publication is to create a medium for you, the students, that allows you to engage in discussions, and this week, specifically with candidates and representatives. We want to help you make an informed decision on who is worthy of your vote, through mechanisms such as today’s ‘Dialogue with the USFC’ event, Wednesday’s ‘USFC Debate’, and the various informative articles we write to help you better assess.

Right now, it is up to all of us to prepare for a hectic week. Whether you are running for elections, taking part in campaigning, boycotting the voting process and the campaigns that come with it, or simply observing from afar, you are bound to feel the tensions that occupy campus.

Be critical, listen astutely, and make a decision based on your own convictions. Try not to give in to the pressure. Come to campus on Friday with a firm verdict, whether you are choosing to vote or not.

If you do not feel represented by any one campaign, or club, or candidate, know that Outlook is present to always represent the student body, and always, always support you.

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