Manchester United and Liverpool: An ongoing rivalry

Hanine El Mir
Copy Editor

The most awaited game of the English Premiere League, also known as the North-West Derby, is taking place this Saturday, October 14. On that day, Liverpool F.C. will be playing against Manchester United F.C. at Anfield, Liverpool, nine months after their last meeting, which was a 1-1 tie.

According to multiple media outlets, this English Derby is said to have the biggest number of people tuning in to watch it worldwide, along with the Spanish Derby “El Clasico”.

This rivalry dates back to the 1960s and is fueled by the fact that historically, both clubs were the best performing English teams in European tournaments. The titles they have gathered over the past decades have set them on a pedestal. To this day, they are still considered the two most successful teams in England despite getting less titles in the last decade.

Manchester United hold the bigger number of wins, with 79 games won, while Liverpool hold 65. The two clubs tied 54 times during their meetings.

Manchester United have won the local league in England 20 times since their first win in 1908 while Liverpool came very close with their 18 titles, having won the League the first time in 1901.

The dynamics were quite different prior to the 1990s. Liverpool won their 18th and latest First Division title in 1990 while United were only at their seventh. However, ever since First Division’s name was changed officially to English Premiere League in 1992, United won the title 13 more times.

United won the Emirates FA Cup 11 times as of 2015, while Liverpool won it eight times. United won the FA Community Shiled 17 times, their latest being in 2016, while Liverpool won it 10 times, their latest win being in 2006. Liverpool won the English Football League (EFL) cup eight times and United won it five times.

Outside of England, Liverpool have won five UEFA Champions League cups, their latest being in 2005, while United won three. United’s latest was in 2008. Liverpool have won three Europa League cups, their latest being in 2001 whereas United won only one in 2017. Liverpool have also won the Super Cup three times, their latest being in 2005, while United only won it once in 1991. Liverpool’s combined title wins number is 60 whereas United’s total is 66.

Right now, Manchester United are second in the EPL table, coming one place after another one of the big rivals: Manchester City. Liverpool, however, are seventh in the table.

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