OP-ED: “…Let us unite, not in spite of our differences, but through them.”

Mirna Hussein
2016-2017 USFC FM/HSON representative

Elections are in a few days, and certainly students’ ability to elect independently will be crippled by the never-ending phone calls, messages, platforms, speeches, and many others. You will then dive in the world of vying candidates, which is prevailed by the different campaigns and advertisements. This is all pretty understandable and expected as part of an invigorating competition.

Nobody can argue that the various competing campaigns on campus are rooted in particular premises and stand for a certain set of principles. People can argue, however, about whether or not they agree or disagree with the ideas set forward by campaigns. So, for any student who determines to indulge in this chaotic but mindful zone of candidacy, he or she must incorporate the proactive element of doubt and reasoning.

Contrary to what is being implanted in the minds of students on the perception of certain campaigns as enemies, it is totally untrue. Regardless of their background, all campaigns intend to serve the diverse AUB community. Belonging to a certain camp does not shackle the endeavors that a candidate student owes to his or her university and society at large.

As a former USFC member, I can assure the student body that when elected representatives all had a seat at the table, the decision making process became participatory and the diverse opinions were shared freely in an open and well-ordered setting. USFC members were all motivated to work and voice students’ needs through them, although differences between those who take productive initiatives and those who keep half-baked projects began to emerge.

Thankfully, FM representatives, Joseph Habib and myself, were able to reach our initiative “USFC Safer Campus” to fruition along with many other proposals we worked on at the level of the faculty and university at large.

Campaigning week is the time when students should exercise their right to hold their representatives accountable. It is very easy to fill your platforms with ideas and plans, yet when it comes to implementation many of these ideas die a premature death. Hence, realism and transparency are assets for success.

Last year, I decided to run independently, not because I am against all the existing campaigns but for the mere reason that I was not actively engaged in AUB’s political environment.

Ultimately, as a matter of fact, the spiteful predilection that campaigns shed against each other is pointless and frenzy. Let us all tuck away our prejudice and judgments on candidates. As long as candidates are hard-working, avid, and trustworthy, they are worthy of your vote, regardless of their political background.

It is time for us to revive the haloed essence of elections by voting for merit representatives, rather than voting to defy others, for it is our only salvation to upgrade our campus.

“Let all human races keep their own personalities, and yet come together, not in uniformity that is dead, but in a unity, that is living.”

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