A visit to Sursock Museum on Thursday Night

Lynn Cheikh Moussa
Associate Editor

After a long day of work or university, not many people will think of spending their evenings at a museum or art gallery. What is unknown to many, however, is that indeed doing so can prove to be a wonderful way to pass the time with friends, family, or even a date.

Every Thursday night, Sursock Museum stays open till 9 pm to offer art goers a chance to indulge in its many exhibitions as it opens particularly later than usual that day, at 12 pm.

Although the museum has made its opening hours public and visible for all those who wish to go, the museum itself remains relatively quiet on Thursday nights.

During this time of night, the museum carries the ambience of a mellow Sunday morning. On regular days, the visitors range from around 20 to 30, all spread across the different levels of the museum.

Not only does this provide visitors an exceptionally serene opportunity to visit the museum, but it also allows them to explore the exhibits in ideal lighting. With the sun gone, the lighting of the halls intensifies, allowing for closer scrutiny of the pieces on display.

It also gives visitors the luxury of moving slowly amongst the exhibits, giving each piece a well-deserved amount of time for examination. A daytime visit is often rushed since visitors would have other plans to complete for the day, but after a long day of work, a nighttime visit at Sursock would offer a great opportunity to indulge in the museum to the highest extent.

Additionally, the museum tends to hold nighttime events such as talks, movie screenings and performances for anyone interested in art, design, architecture, or culture and heritage. Their events are free admission and indulge the audience into a lively discussion of a wide range of topics. Not only would it be a change of scenery but also an informative and educational visit.

As visitors wrap up their expedition at Sursock and head out, they are waved goodbye with a picturesque lighting of the outside façade of the building. Visitors can also opt to spend a few hours admiring the delicate architecture of the palace at the museum’s outdoor cafe, located right outside the main entrance.

What makes for an enjoyable visit at Sursock on a Thursday night is how a nighttime visit so significantly stands out from a daytime one. Next time you choose to visit Sursock Museum, go on a Thursday night; otherwise, you will not make the best of it.

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