Suggestions of the week: Witches

Nanor Vosgerichian & Samar Nasser
Staff Writers

Movie: “Practical Magic”

In this adaptation of Alice Hoffman’s novel of the same name, Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman play Sally and Gillian Owens. Although they have always been very different growing up, they share a strong bond of love and witchcraft.

Yet their powers come with a curse: the men they fall in love with all meet an untimely death. When Gillian gets involved with an abusive boyfriend, Sally is immediately by her side. However, after dabbling in dark magic, the two sisters, along with the help of their female friends and family, must come together and defeat the supernatural forces that threaten their lives.

A delightful story about the powerful bonds of sisterhood and friendship, this film completely immerses its viewers in the Owens’ autumnal town full of beautiful scenery, 90s nostalgia, and exciting magic.

TV Show: “Witches” – Broad City

In the show’s Halloween episode, Abbi and Ilana confront their fears and anxieties. After finding a grey hair, Abbi is not too thrilled about facing the fact that she is getting older. Ilana encourages her to embrace the moment, telling her that she is becoming “a powerful witch”.

When Abbi meets Margo, an older woman whom the girls suspect to be a witch, she is disturbed by how much they have in common. In a panicked decision, Abbi gets a Botox injection, before quickly realizing she does not want it. Meanwhile, Ilana is distressed by the current state of the worldsee the U.S. presidentand therefore cannot enjoy herself and her life. She is finally able to find solace by thinking about a number of inspiring women, as the show pays tribute to them in a fast supercut.

Through this episode, the girls reclaim the term “witch” and positively define it as a woman who is defiant of the patriarchy, encouraging women to not fear the witch but rather become one.

Song: Which Witch by Florence + The Machine

In the haunting, sweeping ballad, “Which Witch”, Florence Welch’s operatic voice chronicles the heightened emotions of the eponymous witch, blamed for the murder of her lover and put on trial. The song itself becomes a magic spell: an incantation that enables a complete, cathartic experience.

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