The Football Shop

Hanine El Mir
Copy Editor

The Football Shop.

Founded almost four years ago, in February 2014, is a small shop in Hamra dedicated to selling branded football items to diehard fans. The Football Shop is located less than three minutes away from Hamra Main Street on the parallel Makdessi Street.

The store opens Monday through Saturday, from 10 am to 8 pm and is closed on Sundays.

They also offer e-commerce and online shopping through their website. Customers can pay either via credit cards or cash on delivery.

Their slogan is “For the True Fan”, and they pride themselves on being able to curate items that will please even the biggest of fans, as the founders are football fans themselves. They want to provide fans with the best experience while cheering for and supporting their favorite club.

The Football Shop is a retail shop of official Adidas, Puma, Nike, and Under Armour sportswear and football equipment. However, they mostly sell jerseys and accessories of both the top clubs in the world and the less popular ones, something that is unprecedented in the country. The majority of the merchandise exhibited in the shop is of teams competing in La Liga, the Premier League, the Bundesliga, the Champions League, as well as of national teams.

The store can be compared to a football fan’s dream come true. One finds scarves, socks, wristbands, flags, keychains, and mugs. The shop also carries some retro collectible items from the classic COPA collection that are otherwise discontinued and unavailable in Lebanon.

Customers can ask for personalized printing on the backs of jerseys, and they can even find children’s football equipment and jerseys for babies. They also sell printed t-shirts with images and quotes of football giants like Messi and Zlatan on them, not intended to be worn as sportswear but rather keepsakes for super fans.

Their items keep the original prices that you would find in the official brands’ boutiques and are sometimes discounted. They currently have a 30% sale on the 2016-2017 kits as well as some COPA items.

A store like this that caters for the most avid football fans is a unique concept in the country, and one that is doing the utmost to improve the experience for the true fan.

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