Breast Cancer Awareness Month: ‘I took the cut’ haircutting event at ABC Verdun

Farah Ali Ahmad
Staff Writer

With October being breast cancer awareness month, an annual event called #ITookTheCut takes place to raise awareness of the cause. The goal of this event is to collect hair donations of around 20 cm and make wigs for women with breast cancer who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

Organized by L’Oréal Professional, and in collaboration with the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation (LBCF), the annual event took place at ABC Verdun on October 29 starting 2 pm.

Hundreds of people, girls mainly, stood in line waiting for their turn to get a haircut and have their hair styled. Twenty hairdressers from L’Oréal participated, from Jackyo, to Victor Keyrouz, to Joseph Habr.

“Your hair. Her smile”, was written on all the shirts worn by the hairdressers as well as the 20 volunteers who were helping out.

Each hair donor received a L’Oréal bag filled with different hair products and also got to choose between a pink breast cancer ribbon or a pink bracelet.

There was no restriction on who could donate hair. All participants were welcome, regardless of age. The ages of donors ranged from four-year-old girls to 50-year-old women. Following their haircuts, the contributors posed in front of a photo booth and took pictures while holding signs such as “I just cut my hair” or “Short hair, don’t care.”

There was even a section within the event for all hair donators to leave a message or write a note. Some supportive messages were written for breast cancer patients, but most included notes saying “I took the cut”, along with the signatures and names of those who participated.

The ambiance was fun with loud music playing and many families and friends observing, socializing and taking photos. They were gathered for a beautiful cause that gave hope to breast cancer patients and put a smile on their faces.

Many influencers such as Cynthia Samuel, Nathalie Sallaum and Lea Yerevanian showed up, to show their support for the cause. They were posing around with people who had just had their hair cut.

They also donated their hair and had been promoting the event on Instagram for several days prior.

At the end of the day, the wall was filed with above 400 messages and signatures. The event was a huge success and it definitely gave hope and put a smile on the patient’s faces.

If you don’t plan on cutting your hair any time before next October, you know where to cut it next year. Be the reason behind a breast cancer patient’s smile.

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