Awkward Instagram situations we all face

Gina Barghouti
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  1. Following someone and not getting followed back

Maybe it is a classmate you see everyday and thought you guys were chill on that level. Then they don’t follow back. You then unfollow them out of pettiness. That will show them. It is okay. Just take the loss and move on.

  1. Judging someone based on their following/followers ratio

It’s like a unspoken rule. If your followers exceed the amount of people you follow, you automatically have the “cool” factor. It only means more people know you than you know people. The bigger the difference, the cooler you are.

  1. Feeling pressured to follow someone’s page

Your friend just started a new page or opened up a business and needs some help getting the word out. You love them and want to support them, but maybe you slightly don’t really care and don’t want to follow. You are not a bad person, so you follow them anyways. Then they overwhelm you with their posts and you just quietly wait for the right moment to discreetly without them noticing.

  1. “Stalking” someone and accidentally liking an old pic

We’ve all done it. It’s so embarrassing. This could happen if you’re showing friends a picture of someone you’re talking to, and when your friends reach over to get a better look, they like it and ruin your entire life.

  1. Accidently watching the story of someone you are trying to ignore

In Instagram world, watching someone’s story shows that you care enough about their life to want to know what they are doing. If you are not interested or currently fighting with the person, you do your best to not give them the satisfaction of knowing you watched their story. But sometimes as you’re watching others’ stories, you see theirs by accident, and promise yourself to be more careful the next time. After all, you have your pride and ego to protect.

  1. Noticing that two people you know randomly follow each other and wondering what the connection is

Your curiosity is killing you. What is this? How do you guys even know each other? You cannot ask because you do not want to sound creepy, but you are really dying to know.  

  1. Not being able to find a creative caption

This is when you reach out for support from your friends. You send the picture to the group chat and desperately ask for advice: “HELP ME FIND A CAPTION.” Your time limit is to figure it out before peak Instagram liking hours. You and your friends start to collectively brainstorm possible witty captions and song lyrics, combined with the perfect emoji. You all vote and the mission is completed. Great teamwork everyone. You may proceed to liking and commenting now.

  1. Not getting the amount of likes you usually expect

Slight disappointment starts to overcome you, and you question if your picture was even good enough to post. Why are people not liking it? Am I ugly? Is the quality bad? Did I post it at the wrong time?

  1. Posting a picture at the “wrong time” and instantly regretting it

You got too excited to post and forget that it is way past peak liking hours. You have no one to blame but yourself.

  1. Sharing a post with a friend or a group of friends and no one finding it as funny as you did

I took time of my day to share something with you and you have the audacity to not find it funny? Really? Read and watch it again please, because I cannot deal with this kind of rejection.

  1. Your judgmental family members requesting to follow you (and actually bringing it up in person)

Your aunt just joined Instagram and requested to follow you. You ignore it and hope it ends there, because the last thing you need is family watching what you post and discussing it amongst each other. You forget about it until she comes for a visit and publicly confronts you about it in front of the rest of the family. You lie and say you did not see it or that your Instagram is broken, but everyone looks at you with disbelieving eyes. She sits there waiting for you to accept her request. You accept, and wait for the questions to begin.

  1. Feeling sad when all your friends post pics from something you did not go to

Thanks to exams, work, and family obligations, you could not go out with your friends. You hate them for having so much fun without you and posting about it.

  1. Someone sliding into your DMs

Who are you? How did you even find me? What do you want? This is just awkward for both of us.

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