Game Review: Call of Duty World War II

Ahmad Heneine
Staff Writer

Call of Duty (COD) is the iconic game of the shooting genre, and in the past few years it began losing its vibe as more competitors in the gaming industry were making shooting games that appealed to the masses and even took away COD’s die-hard fans.

In 2016, all eyes were on two games: Blizzard’s Overwatch and EA’s Battlefield 1 (BF1). Now COD World War II (WWII) retaliates against competitors by bringing COD back to its roots as the community demanded, and the game delivers phenomenally.

The reason behind COD’s throwback was its gameplay which became futuristic and obscure and was negatively received by fans. In addition, this experience became repetitive after the release of three consecutive titles that targeted this gameplay. In an effort to deliver what the community wanted, Activision decided to release a remastered version of one of the well-known COD titles which is COD Modern Warfare. Although this was a good move to bring back the game’s fans, it did not have a significant impact because fans wanted a new fully fledged game and not a re-release to be a comeback of the classic COD gameplay which is boots on ground and not jetpacks and wall-running.

As demanded, was it done. COD WWII brings the classic feel of COD, placing us in the second world war, battling with guns like the iconic Thompson M1A1 aka the Tommy Gun, Thomson MP Grand with the satisfying “cling” sound while reloading, MP 40, STG 44, bazookas, and many more. The multiplayer delivers what fans were craving for, and there are a few extra modes which adds to the excitement and fun. A lot of gamers are directly comparing the game to BF 1, saying that the latter’s multiplayer is more immersive since it simulates a real war zone with significantly bigger maps, the ability to ride vehicles like tanks and planes, more players (up to 64). All the above is true, but we should note that COD is targeting fast-paced action. In BF1, you don’t directly respawn and find your enemies quickly, to that a match can last up to a whole hour which is inconvenient to some casual players.

The campaign is based on a squad of 12 US soldiers battling the Nazi regime set towards the end of the war (1944-1945) when the Allies started to gather strength on their march towards Germany. Also, well known battles are covered like the Invasion of Normandy, and the Liberation of Paris.  Furthermore, the campaign’s gameplay is similar to the original COD where there is no health regeneration and you would have to rely on your squad for help.

In the zombies mode, there is a fictitious story of a young female engineer trying to save her brother who has been involved in Nazi research which was based on deceased subjects and necromancy. On their escape, they learn more about Nazi plans and possible ways to stop the madness.

It is good to note that swastikas are displayed in the campaign whereas in multiplayer and zombies modes they are omitted. The developers wanted the campaign to be historically accurate, but they did not want swastikas to be displayed in the other two modes because it is offensive and the majority of time spent on the game is in these two.

In conclusion, for fans who wanted a classic COD experience or for those looking to relive epic battles of WWII then COD WWII is definitely recommended and it won’t disappoint.

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