On the registration system at AUB

Randa Salame
Staff Writer

If you have been at AUB for more than a year, successfully registering for only two or three courses becomes less horrific than it may seem when you are a first year.

This is because you begin to accept that this is just the nature of our registration system at AUB, and that it is all part of the experience. When it has been your second, third or fourth year registering, you know that the system crashing or having zero luck with courses is inevitable, no matter how many times you click on ‘refresh’.

However, juniors and seniors are easy to get over this distressing scenario; ending up with two courses is the norm, and drop and add period resolves everything.

Going back to the nature of our registration system, no amount of precautions can help eliminate its hectic and unpredictable features. Registration day is a big day, for some even a valid reason to miss class and settle in a place you planned will have the best Wi-Fi and make all the difference in the outcome of your registration experience.

Another part of the process that is deemed to be equally important is strategy. Other than leaving their homes to get to campus on time to register, students also plan the manner in which they will register their courses. This consists of which CRN they will enter first or should they be entered simultaneously, and is it better to have the CRNs written down or typed? As trivial as these thoughts may sound, these conversations are indeed real and have been contemplated at least once by every student prior to registering.

After asking people around campus to describe their experience with the registration system at AUB, the answers received were overly similar, and some comments stood out. The five key words students used to describe their experience were stressful, hectic, unfair, hunger games, and heart attack. This provides for a clear image of how our registration system does not properly cater for the comfort of our students in guaranteeing places in their desired choice of courses.

One student pointed out that it is not a fair system, as it does not resemble the systems adopted by American universities abroad. For example, universities in the United States, offer a system where courses are guaranteed for all students, of all majors. This is done in a way where courses are already planned for each semester for every student within each major.

In contrast, at AUB each faculty deals with courses and registering differently. Namely Psychology majors, they are the most vocal about the unfairness of the system as it is almost a mission to register at least one of their major courses in a semester. It is clear that our students are forced to take registration very seriously, spending hours making several different schedules, running around asking to open capacity and doing everything to gain places in their courses; which should be an undeniable right and luxury for all students.  

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