“The students united, will never be divided”

The Outlook English Board


Following the deeply troubling events that have taken place over the last eight days, the Outlook English Board wishes to express sentiments of concern, solidarity, and support to all those on campus who feel unjustly treated, and who feel as though their rights to freedom of speech and assembly have been compromised.

We wish to reiterate the USFC’s stance on the matter, that ensures “that this incident does not set a precedent which threatens freedom of speech and assembly on campus.”

There is absolutely no denying that this semester has seen a great number of obstacles and hardships on a university-wide scale, and to ignore the culmination of these occurrences would compromise our position as student journalists who push for transparency and candidness.

We are aware of the neutral and objective tone we so confidently adopt. We also recognize our duty to always be fair to all sides, but to insist on neutrality in the face of inequity would be remiss of us and would go against our personal values – first and foremost – as students of this university that seemingly accepts all forms of criticism and opposition.

Institutions of higher learning should be places where the rights of all students are upheld without question, and where students – at all times and with no exception – feel safe and protected. Unfortunately, the current climate on campus is not fully allowing for this.

As such, we vow to always remain the medium that keeps student voices salient and prevalent on campus. Before all else, we are students, who, despite our differences, will unite to vocalize and speak in times like these.

In solidarity and support, fellow students. Now and always.

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