Everyone’s invited: How Casey Neistat revolutionized YouTube

Noor Tannir

Arts & Culture Editor

The act of going on YouTube, time and time on end, has become familiar to many of us, if not most. In Casey Neistat’s most recent YouTube uploads, is his great “FILMMAKING IS A SPORT.” In this video, filmmaker and content creator Casey Neistat discusses his forte with his fans, or rather, subscribers. He takes us on a journey through which he found himself, his passion, and ultimately, his platform. The clip abbreviates a passion for video, and a soul-search in the field of film, both in form and in content.

Casey Neistat is famous for his ever-inspiring montages, his context-specific drone shots, and effortlessly timely cuts. However, this was not always his calling. He never before sought YouTube as his filmmaking platform, and never before wanted to make travel vlogs. He wanted to become a filmmaker: a traditional bow-tie-wearing, multiple-Oscar-holding filmmaking genius. He was once very close, as he tells us in “FILMMAKING IS A SPORT,” saying “that’s what I thought it meant to tell stories.”

He climbed to the top, for 10 years, telling us that “the grind is not glamorous.” He picked up every camera at every opportunity in order to reach his goal. He realized, after being so close to this world, that filmmaking was an “exclusive club, for the chosen few,” and he wanted out, thinking filmmaking is just not for everyone. Filmmaking to him, at the time, required the endless prerequisites: talent, big cameras, big camera crew, talented actors, actor friends, director friends, and most of all, money. The many requirements caused Casey to question his passion, and call it quits. He realized that this world was not his dream, his dream was not the glamour and the names and the premieres and the award-shows. After winning the most important award of his career, he stepped down.

This is how Neistat revolutionized our laptop screens. He took to his low-quality, low-budget digital camera, and recorded. He started a YouTube channel, and quickly, declared that he would take on a challenge: he would make a film every single day, a “proper” daily vlog. He took to YouTube, and made the films he always wanted to make. He told the stories he wanted to tell, and, for once, they needn’t be glamorous. He was able to reach a screen much bigger than the big-screen, he was able to fit his dream into the phones in our pockets. He was able to get his ideas, stories, and conversations out of his head and into our phones, through video. He ends his video by saying, “Something that used to be entirely out of reach is now ours, filmmaking is a sport. This is the new party, and now, everyone’s invited.”

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