Justin Trudeau was problematic long before “peoplekind”

Juliette Jabra

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t simply wear socks with ‘Eid Mubarak’ written on them or do Snapchat Q&A sessions to feel more connected to the Canadian population. He also – for the sake of political correctness – interrupts members of the audience at his town hall events and suggest they say “peoplekind” rather than “mankind”.

The video of Trudeau doing precisely that has now garnered widespread mockery and ridicule, obviously not as an endorsement of the liberal leader.

The issue at hand, though, is not Trudeau’s semantics. It is more about his failed attempt at a phony, performative allegiance.

Trudeau is known (and loved) by so many for his seemingly ‘progressive’ politics, and is often praised as an icon for his open-minded stances on social issues, but implementation rarely ever conforms with his verbal, façade-like policies and legislation.

Trudeau is a ‘self-proclaimed feminist’. He advocates for the use of marijuana. He welcomes Syrian refugees into Canada with open arms and tears streaming down his cheeks. He marches at LGBTQ+ pride parades in support of the community.

There would be no issue with his symbolic acts if he had concrete, tangible actions and movements to support them and back them up.

It is important to note that Trudeau has done nothing to improve the negligible access to family planning and abortion services in the conservative maritime provinces. He has called poverty sexist, but still implements policies that impoverish women in Canada. He has promised to close Canada’s pay-gap, but none of these promises have materialized.

Trudeau is more than satisfied with selling firearms to Saudi Arabia, where it is authorized to kill anyone even vaguely accused of drug trafficking. The controversial Trans Mountain Pipeline is in Canada’s “best interest” says Trudeau, which is strange given the number of Canadians who protested against it. He has backtracked on his open invitation to the refugees of the world. The list goes on, and it didn’t just begin with “peoplekind”.

When Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States in January 2017, a vast number of Americans threatened to move to Canada, with some even fulfilling their promises. While Trump may be an international embarrassment more explicitly than Trudeau is, they – in reality – both belong to and play for the same elitist team.

Liberal hunk Trudeau is nothing but a hypocrite with bad politics, and it is time we stop embracing him simply because he looks like a Disney prince. This does not excuse his atrocious policies. He must start being more transparent about who he really is, and stop deceiving so many of those who think he’s such a hero.

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