“Share The Flag” puts AUB and OSB in the world records

Abeer Al Ansari
Contributing Writer

Pending issues in the public education sector in Lebanon continue to take a toll on the quality of the education within public schooling. Despite a gross enrollment rate of 97.2 percent, and levels of literacy reaching 90 percent, the passing rate within Lebanese public schools remains lower than those of private schools, and the repetition rate is on the rise.

Hence, the importance of shaping the quality and accessibility of education in Lebanese public schools which make up around 47 percent of schools in Lebanon, with over 300,000 Lebanese students enrolled is fundamental for the making of a more well-rounded and improved society.

Ultimately, improving the quality of education, as well as emphasizing equality within Lebanon’s public schooling system, are the guiding principles of the Suliman S. Olayan School of Business (OSB) students working on the “Share The Flag” initiative.

The event, which will take place on May 4 at the American University of Beirut (AUB) greenfield, is set to donate tens of thousands of notebooks to several public schools as proceeds. During the event, students will reveal the largest national flag made out of notebooks, which will serve as a commemoration to the Lebanese army personnel who passed away on duty. Students hope to break world records.

Tarek A. Tabaja, President of The Business Student Society and CEO of “Share The Flag” said, “It will be a remarkable project in the history of AUB! A project joining patriotism and humanitarian values while engaging the community through raising awareness about education. Supporting a cause that is a backbone to our society.”

The event will also be attended by several official representatives including Ministers, NGOs, bloggers, and influencers.

Soraya Jomaa, the Chief Marketing Officer of “Share The Flag” commented on such pregistous presence during the event.

“We want more people to know about this important event. From a marketing strategic lens, one way to increase exposure would be through inviting public figures, who already have publicity and exposure and who would be willing to encourage and support us.”

“Share The Flag” organizers also informed Outlook that the event team is currently recruiting AUB students as new members who would be interested in contributing to such a cause. Recruits will range from graphic designers and sponsorship team members, to members of logistics and safety teams.

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