Suggestions of the week: The Perfect Valentine’s Day

Nanor Vosgerichian & Samar Nasser
Staff Writers

TV Episode: “Dinner Party” – The Office

Do you and your partner need a guide on how to host an incredibly successful dinner party? Look no further than the ultimate love guru, Michael Scott. In this episode, Michael invites his “couple friends” to his condo for a fun evening full of good food and lively conversation. Gain some advice on how to prepare a meal, entertain your guests, and even start your own candle business. If there was ever a perfect model of a healthy relationship, it would undoubtedly be Michael and Jan.

Song: “Every Breath You Take” – The Police

Is there anything more romantic than having someone watch every single movement that you make? In this sweet 80’s love song, Sting serenades his undying devotion to his loved one in a totally respectful and considerate way. We hope someone will be “watching you” this Valentine’s!

Movie: Amour (2012)

George and Anne, an elderly couple, are enjoying their quiet retirement from teaching music. When Anne suffers a sudden stroke, their relationship is put to the test as George must take care of his wife. The best way to spend Valentine’s Day this year is by cuddling up with your significant other and finding joy in this uplifting tale of love and the obstacles it can overcome. Don’t worry, not a single tear will be shed.


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