Super Bowl 2018: Philadelphia Eagles make history

Tracy Chamoun
Staff Writer

History was made on February 4, 2018 when the Philadelphia Eagles won their first ever Super Bowl championship. Their win was the result of a legendary game against the New England Patriots, one packed with trick plays, well-calculated offense, and even a few sprinkles of artistic acrobatics to please the masses.

Both teams delivered incredibly noteworthy performances, battling for 1151 yards, breaking records as they did so. However, the Eagles’ teamwork was so impeccable that their win was inevitable, with a surprisingly invincible defense line, shutting down any New England attempts, forcing them to turnover. This was the most crucial point leading up to a fabulous win against a team that has been painted with glory and triumph in recent years, finally meeting defeat.

The Eagles were blessed with the outstanding work of quarterback Nick Foles. The substitute surprised everyone in his face-off with infamous Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady. While no one expected Foles to usurp the superstar Brady, who was expected to lead his team to a comeback victory with a final touchdown, Foles came out victorious. Nick Foles was thereafter named Most Valuable Player, cheered on by his winning team. The Eagles quarterback is now surely expecting multiple desirable offers in the coming days.

The Philly team surely could not have raised the bar as high as they did without the efforts of coach Doug Pederson. The coach had incited an all-new offense approach, as well as a more guarded than ever defense line, fixing what the team lacked in previous years, making them masters of the ball at last, despite weaknesses in other areas such as the center.

While many mourned the loss of the Patriots, the city of Philadelphia rejoiced in the 41-33 victory. Philly residents took to the streets on Thursday the 8th to parade their victory in significantly large numbers. The organized festivities took place at Broad Street and Pattison Avenue at 11 a.m., moving on to the Philadelphia Museum of Art later on, as was specified by the Eagles team board. This being the team’s first win made the parade all the more special, with the crowd going crazy with cheers, laughter and celebration. Sure, it took them 58 years to finally get that trophy, but hard work paid off and the streets of Philly were wild with euphoria as a result, for a dream had finally become a reality.

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