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Outlook is the independent student publication of the American University of Beirut since 1949.
Committed to being the voice of the student body and to reporting their needs, interests, and achievements, we cover all topics ranging from campus news to national and international issues consisting of sociopolitical, cultural, entertainment, and opinion articles.
The weekly publication is entirely made by a team of students consisting of credible reporters, writers, editors, and multimedia handlers, as well as layout and graphic designers and our 12,000 print and online readers belong to a diverse community of international and local students, faculty, alumni, staff, and visitors.

The weekly publication has been cherished by the AUB community for decades and continues to improve and grow in quality and diversity.


All columns, articles and reports are the property of Outlook and do not necessarily represent the views of Outlook or the AUB community. Outlook welcomes all contributions from members of the AUB community. Authors are asked to please include their full name, major, ranking and contact information for verification.

Outlook reserves the right to edit all material.

Outlook reserves the right to reject any material that does not meet the editorial standards, which can be found in Outlook’s bylaws. Outlook does not condone any form of harassment, written attacks, insults, vulgarity or indecency whether perpetrated in writing or the transmission of images; the admins of this page reserve the right to delete posts on these bases.

No part of this publication may be reproduced in any way, shape or form without the written consent of Outlook and/or higher authorities.

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