The Team

Laudy Issa, Editor-in-Chief

The answer to whether or not the effort is worth the outcome always remains the same: there’s something extremely satisfying in seeing your name go down in print. That’s why I’m still here, three years later. When Outlook allows me to be, I’m a Psychology/Media and Communications double major. Although I’m looking to continue in the field of Trauma Journalism, my hobbies are…not so traumatizing: video games, poetry, and an affinity to many things considered a bit rebellious.

Ghina Abi-Ghannam, Arabic Editor

Razan Mneimneh, Associate Editor

I’d like to think my love for writing began when my third grade English teacher rewarded me with my first diary for acing ten consecutive spelling quizzes. Ever since then, the blurry picture in my head I call the future started clearing up. Twelve years later, I’m now a senior pursuing a bachelor in Media and Communications, and conducting random baking experiments at 2:00 AM. I love caramel flavored coffee and things that make reality seem more whimsical than it is. I also love writing about things that matter, and I truly believe that empty pages filled with combinations of twenty-six letters can change the world.

Kholoud Mallak, Arabic Associate Editor

Mohamad Moussawy, Arabic Associate Editor

Firas Haidar, Editor-at-Large
The year is 2001. A mother decides to take her son to the movies to celebrate the weekend. As they enter Abraj, they agree on a Japanese anime and buy tickets for the French-dubbed version of the film. Just north of two hours in, the boy leaves the theater with a feeling he’s never encountered before. He’s about five years old and is already passionate about something. The movie is ‘Le Voyage de Chihiro’, better known as Spirited Away, and the boy is yours truly.

Demi Korban, News Editor

Who am I? That’s a pretty tough question to answer! Well, I could briefly say that I am a politico who has high hopes of revamping the Lebanese political system in the next few years. As for what I do at Outlook, I bring you the latest news from AUB’s campus alongside the help of staff and contributing writers. In other words, they call me News Editor. The happiest part of this is finally saying that I am a senior majoring in Media and Communications (Graduating in spring and what not ;)) Something else you should know about me is that I take pleasure in all sorts of adventures and exploration.  From traveling and digging into different cultures, trying out authentic dishes, hiking, sun gazing, cycling, you name it. Not to forget the best part of me, I spend most of my time daydreaming about burgers and tomatoes, pretty contradictory right? (Sorry to all the vegans and vegetarians, I can’t help it). Hope you enjoyed the show; see you next week, same time, same place. Cheers!

Sarah Kotob, Arabic News Editor
Hey you! Yes you!! How is it going? If you’re here to know more about me, then I will have to disappoint you, I’m afraid, for I do not know who I am. Who does? Words are my true identity, they don’t judge, they understand, they are here when no one else is. Words are who I am. They can make you immortal or sentence you to death. All I know is that they help me be.  Almost a year ago I was skimming through this very website reading what the board members wrote about themselves. I remember it clearly, I had recently submitted my first article and was waiting for it to be published. It was my birthday when they published it, they did not know that, but it was the best birthday gift I had ever received. Here I am now describing myself to you, even if it is uncomfortable and I have no idea what to say, I have not been happier. A word of advice, do what you love, that’s all that matters. Oh, and by the way, they call me Sarah. Cheers!

Chermine Sleiman Haidar, Opinions Editor
Hi! My name is Chermine (probably never heard it before, huh?). Between majoring in Media Studies, and minoring in Human Rights and Transitional Justice, I have always turned to Outlook as a way to escape. Since I first started working with Outlook, I have always loved the Opinions section, as it groups the two things I am most passionate about: journalism and free writing. In a world where we are being constantly bombarded by information and news, being a part of a free independent newspaper is a privilege. Today, facts are mistaken for opinions and opinions for facts, a proper outlet of expression is a must. I hope you will enjoy this journey as much I have.

Hussein Mouallem, Arabic Opinions Editor

Tamara Saade, Lifestyle Editor

Danielle Kirkorian, Arts & Culture Editor

Nidal Khalaf, Arabic Arts & Culture Editor

Ragheb Raad, Sports Editor
You probably know me as the guy “who runs a lot” on the track. Well, this was the reason I won the track team’s Most Valuable Player award in Spring 2016. Running takes a very big part of my life. I train on average like five times a week, but I don’t really like it. It’s very tough, and it can be very ugly. But as you see, it can yield good results, sometimes. My dedication to running is as high as my dedication to sports in general. This year was Olympic year, so we will have a lot to cover. I hope I will be up to expectations. And in case you meet me, please, do not ask how long I can run continuously without stopping, I am a sprinter, we never do this.

Abbass NasserDin, Arabic Sports Editor
Hello, my name is Abbass NasserDin. I am a third year civil engineering student. This is my first semester in Outlook. I have been appointed as Sports Editor. The Sports section, in my opinion, can serve as a social tool. My journey in Outlook is more than just providing content to the newspaper, it will also be a journey of self-discovery! I hope to live up to the expectations and be able to send a good message through the newspaper!

Christina Batrouni, Proofreader

Abdulrazzak Tamim, Arabic Proofreader
My name is Tamim, Abdulrazzak Tamim! I am a junior majoring in Economics and minoring in Mathematics and Translation. Actually, since I was a kid, I realized that the Arabic language is my passion. When it comes to reading and writing, I literally enjoy picking out mistakes and correcting them. This is, therefore, why I chose to be the Arabic Proofreader. I write short stories, prose and poetry. Moreover, I read novels as much as my time as an AUB student permits!

Georges Sakr, English Layout Editor

Tala Ismail, Arabic Layout Editor

Lynn Abu Khadra, Copy Editor

Zine Labidine Ghebouli, Arabic Copy Editor
As a foreigner in Lebanon, I wanted to make the best of my experience here and that’s why I joined Outlook. I’m the Arabic copy editor, a sophomore student majoring in Chemistry and I plan to minor in political studies, I like to read books and write articles. I’m a blogger and I will contribute to the newspaper with my personal opinions. Outlook is more like a family than a newspaper and it’s nice to be a part of this family. I’m sure that we will do our best to give Outlook fans what they really want to read, and more!

Lynn Cheikh Moussa, Web Editor

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